Community Union Defence League is a community group that is not like many, if any others. We are guided by not only our morals and principles, but our ideology of getting rid of the system that created most social, economic problems. We are a community organisation that offers economic, political and social education to its membership and support base. We are guided by Marxism Leninism and are led by the Australian Communist Party the ACP. Our political and economic plans are to establish a revolutionary community organisation with a unique aim and practice for Australia.

Community Union Defence League is inspired by many different movements throughout history, particularly the communist movement. Community Union Defence League will organise people to survive until we can overthrow this corrupt system and establish the state power of the workers. We have ambitious plans for all sorts of mutually supportive programs that can be delivered by and for the community.

At CUDL, we believe in the power of the people being in the hands of the people and not a professional in a suit. We will stand strong against any enemy of the poor and exploited.

Comrades and friends, you with us?

“The League must be a shock force, helping in every job and displaying initiative and enterprise. The League should be an organisation enabling any worker to see that it consists of people whose teachings he perhaps does not understand, and whose teachings he may not immediately believe, but from whose practical work and activity he can see that they are really people who are showing him the right road.

— Vladimir Lenin

“All these programs satisfy the deep needs of the community, but they are not solutions to our problems,” said Huey P Newton of the Black Panther Party.“That is why we call them survival programs, meaning survival pending revolution. We say that the survival program is like the survival kit of a sailor stranded on a raft.

“It helps him to sustain himself until he can get completely out of that situation. So, the survival programs are not answers or solutions, but they will help us to organise the community around a true analysis and understanding of their situation. When consciousness and understanding is raised to a high level then the community will seize the time and deliver themselves from the boot of their oppressors,”

-Huey P Newton

All photography provided by Community Union Defence League Media team.